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Cow Creek Ranch Bull Sale

Cow Creek Ranch, LLC, is recognized as the 21st largest seedstock cattle operation in the country.

Cow Creek Ranch to hold 340-Head Bull Sale October 11, 2008.
Baxter Black to Entertain.

Cow Creek Ranch 340-head Bull Sale and 600-head Commercial Brangus Bred Heifer Sale has been set for Friday and Saturday, October 10 and 11, 2008, at the ranch near Aliceville, Alabama. The bull sale is scheduled for Saturday, October 11th, 12:30 pm CDT and includes Brangus bull, 90 Ultrablack bulls and handful of Angus bulls.

The 600-head Commercial Brangus Bred Heifer Sale is slated for Friday, October 10, 2008, at 1:30 pm CDT All heifers are sired by and bred back to Cow Creek Ranch bulls. For 14 years Cow Creek Ranch has provided the opportunity for their customers to offer genetically tracked heifers the day prior to their bull sale. These uniform females are ranch and genetically source verified. All heifers are palpated safe in calf.

“We have never lost sight of the fundamentals of the cow business. Efficiency and profitability drive our operation. Cows have to earn their living here Cow Creek. That fact makes our bull offering so much more powerful. We think you’ll like what you see in October.

I don’t think you can travel the country and find a set of bulls like you’ll see this fall. The quality and depth of these bulls is overwhelming. We’ve worked hard, genetically, to offer our customers moderate, thick, deep, uniform bulls in one package. ” says Joe Reznicek.

Well known syndicated columnist and radio commentator Baxter Black will mingle with, and humor, the crowd on both sale days. He will formally entertain on Friday evening at 6 pm. Baxter makes a living shining a spotlight on the flaws and foibles of everyday cowboy life, the day-to-day ups and downs of people who live with livestock and work the land. Driven by a left hand sense of humor, Black evokes laughter just by being there.

The Cow Creek Ranch Bull Sale will be broadcast live on RFD-TV. The live TV broadcast will give absentee buyers the opportunity to participate in the sale with real-time bidding. Superior Productions also offers the convenience of participating on sale day by following the auction and bidding on the internet.

Pre-registration of buyers is required for sale participation by either format, RFD-TV or internet. Complete details will be provided in the Cow Creek Ranch sale catalog or you may call Superior Livestock at (800)431-4452 or go to their website at

If you would like to receive a sale catalog or for more information on Cow Creek Ranch, LLC, or its programs, please contact Cow Creek Ranch at 1170 Cow Creek Road, Aliceville, AL 35442, 205/373-2269, e-mail to or on the web at


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